Star Citizen, Video Games Biggest Scam.

Instances of criminal activity in the video game industry is minimal, with the regulated marketplace being governed by numerous entities. Security enhancements have enabled the elimination of emulators, copied games, and console-breaking glitches. Scamming players isn’t easily accomplished & after multiple have tried since the 2000s, gamers have learned to locate the signs for criminal activity. That wasn’t the case ten years prior when Star Citizen was launched on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter campaigns enable corporate entities & individual innovators to request development finances, with the looming promise of releasing that product exclusively first to those donators. Star Citizens guaranteed donators a short development timeframe & an experience unlike any other in video games. That promise was issued ten years ago, with Star Citizen receiving $339 Million for funding. Numerous individuals have poured their outcries publicly regarding the biggest scam in gaming history, Star Citizen’s development. Nine individuals donated $10,000.00 & another nineteen issued $5,000.00 for creation of Star Citizen.

The Head Developer of Star Citizen actively avoids answering questions regarding release, which extends towards the studio housing development, Cloud Imperium Games. Investors that supported Cloud Imperium Gaming demanded additional properties be announced to increase profits. This prompted Head Developer Chris Roberts to confirm “Squadron 42” in 2015. Five years after that confirmation, S42 hasn’t released for retail purchase. This means both titles housed by CIG & Chris Roberts have faced continuous delays for upwards of ten years.

The Scam

Gamers have refused to believe those postponements a coincidence, with Reddit Threads becoming viral around Gaming’s biggest scam. Postings suggest that Chris Roberts hasn’t anything to show for the $339 Million earned for Star Citizens & Squadron 42s development. Another posting noted that perpetual development of both titles will continue for years to come, with Cloud Imperium Gaming unlikely to earn additional finances after releasing either of these games. Regardless, thousands of hopeful players were swingled from their finances & haven’t acquired any of the promises made by Head Developer Chris Roberts.