Star Wars: Project Maverick Unintentionally Revealed

Electronic Arts have publicly expressed their announcement with the PlayStation Company. This follows after a group of hackers datamined the PlayStation Store Listings, which revealed that a Star Wars game is being developers by Electronic Arts. Information regarding this game is limited but was revealed through the PSN Releases Twitter Account. Sony and Electronic Arts both claim that after these hackers datamined this information, they prompted the Bot Twitter Account to release tweets regarding “Star Wars: Project Maverick”.

When looking through the datamined information, it’s noted that this game is listed as Maverick. However, limited details surrounding this title and leaked artwork provide insight onto this new title. It’s centred around a group of starfighters in X-Wings, which are attacking a group of Imperial Star Destroys. This indicates that the game takes place during the original trilogy, with the selected location being taken from the prequel Star Wars trilogy. This location includes Mustafar, which is the volcanic planet that became a sanctuary for Sith Lords and Darth Vader. It was initially seen in Revenge of the Sith, with the location returning multiple times throughout animated series and video game adaptations.

It should be noted that a recent report from Kotaku doubles down on this theory, with Electronic Arts having two Star Wars titles currently in development. It’s known that one of these games is a direct sequel to Respawn Studios Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. The secondary title has limited information surrounding it, with Electronic Arts only confirming that it’s smaller than the standard Star Wars game and is being created by Motive Studios. Considering that Star Wars: Project Maverick has a singular level; it’s expected that this is the secondary title.

Rumoured Virtual Reality

Star Wars: Project Maverick is more than likely a virtual reality game, marking it the second in a series of VR titles from Disney. It’d be the best format for this title and its singular level, with this often being the case with Virtual Reality games. Consumers of this title would have the capability to fly over Mustafar with an X-Wing, destroying the Galactic Senate with their Star Destroyers. Individuals close with EA have stated that the 2020 Star Wars games will be unlike anything anyone has seen before.