The Best Golf Games on Steam

In the world of video gaming, nearly all action-survival games, tank games, first-person shooter games, and racing games receive all the digital attention, while most of the best gaming experiences, such as golf for instance, barely make a dent in the media. Well, we decided that it’s enough and we refuse to let this go on unnoticed.

You will find a bag filled with great golf games with ultra-realistic graphics and animation quality on Steam. This makes it possible to enjoy some genuinely immersive golfing experiences without stepping a foot out the door to visit a golf course with a bag filled with irons that you cannot even hold properly. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the best golf games you can play on your PC.

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf

This is considered the most realistic golf video game ever created and offers a truly spectacular experience that is geared towards a life-like scenario, or at least a replica of it at the very least. It’s highly accurate visuals, and ball physics are spot on and offer everything a golf fanatic would need to enjoy an unforgettable experience on some of the best golf courses from around the world. The game comes equipped with 20 different game modes, such as skins, stroke, match, and team-based variations, like greensome and foursome. You can play on 12 various courses from across the globe and comes with full controller support for added convenience.

Mini Golf Mundo

This is an entertaining and fun golf game that comes equipped with four incredibly challenging courses that are suited for both experienced gamers and newcomers that want to test their putting skills. Your primary objective is to putt the ball in the lowest number of shots on four incredible challenging courses that each consist of 18 holes. That gives you 72 holes to enjoy. Each hole impresses with warp holes, bouncing pads, jumping fish, and more. You can even enjoy this game in multiplayer mode where you can play against four other friends.

Sir Meir’s Sim Golf

This game was initially released back in 2002 but still manages to capture the minds of most golf fanatics thanks to its strategic moves and unbelievable management features. As you enjoy a round or two on your self-designed golf courses, you can also look forward to colourful graphics, course play, and management to keep you intrigued for hours on end. You are mostly the CEO of the resort and everything in it.

Dangerous Golf

This is a video game filled with leisure, velocity, and angles coupled with realistic graphics and immersive golfing action to provide a deeply satisfying experience. Please note that this is not a traditional golf video game. The work takes place indoors, and you’ll be required to cause massive destruction to score big. Your mission is to create property destruction on more than 100 different holes, including toilets, kitchen appliances, and more.