The Best Mobile Devices for Gaming in 2019

As mobile gaming continues to expand, its becoming more and more important to ensure you getting the most out of your gaming experience by getting the best possible phone on the market. Most smartphones these days comes with similar features, screen sizes, and camera quality. However, some are specifically designed for gaming and its these phones you need to look for if you consider yourself to be a serious mobile gamer. Thankfully, we did all the hard work for you by evaluating a bunch of gaming smartphones to bring you a list of the best gaming phones on the market in 2019.

Razer Phone 2

• Screen Size – 5.7 inch
• Resolution – 1440 x 2560
• RAM – 8GB
• Storage – 64GB
• Battery – 4000 mAh
• Dimensions – 158.5 x 77.7 x 8mm
• Price – $699.99

The Razor Phone 2 is undoubtably a magnificent phone in terms of gaming. The screen, which does both 120hz refresh rate and HDR is a thing of beauty, enhancing any game you decide to play on it. Although it provides a 16:9 aspect ratio and isn’t edge-less, the quality of the picture certainly makes up for it. Equipped with a lightning-fast Snapdragon 845 processor and Dolby Atmos sound, you can truly enjoy a mobile gaming experience unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Apple iPhone X

• Screen Size – 5.8 inch
• Resolution – 2436 x 1125
• Storage – 64GB/256GB
• Battery – 2716 mAh
• Dimensions – 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7mm
• Price – $729.99

What makes the iPhone X such a huge contender when it comes to gaming isn’t the Super Retina OLED screen or the incredible Portrait Mode, it’s the phenomenal power of Apple. Whether you want to play a strange indie puzzle game or enjoy the latest spin-off of an Nintendo game, chances are that the App Store will have it first. What’s even more impressive is that all the glitches and bugs would be resolved too and that’s something you won’t find on an Android device.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

• Screen Size – 6.2 inch
• Resolution – 1440 x 2560
• RAM – 6GB
• Storage – 64GB/128GB
• Battery – 3,500 mAh
• Dimensions – 158.1 x 73.8 x 8.5mm
• Price – $634.24

For those that are not interested in the iPhone 8 or the larger-than-life iPhone X will find that the Galaxy S9 Plus is a remarkable alternative. It’s extraordinary Snapdragon 845 processor comes equipped with an overwhelming amount of power, regardless of what you decide to do with the phone. Whether you want to enjoy Fortnite, considered a heavy-resource game, or you want to lose yourself in The Elder Scrolls Legends game, this powerhouse in your pocket can handle everything your heart desires.

Sony Xperia XZ2

• Screen Size – 5.7 inch
• Resolution – 1080 x 2160
• RAM – 4GB
• Storage – 64GB
• Battery – 3,180 mAh
• Dimensions – 153 x 72 x 11.1mm
• Price – $499

If you are looking for quality gaming, you will be more than satisfied with the PlayStation 4 manufacturer, Sony. Equipped with a Snapdragon 845, the new Xperia ZX2 is perfect for gaming thanks to stereo speakers, lightning fast performance and a unique dynamic vibration system.