The Final Update for Battlefield Five

DICE Studios confirmed that the 11th instalment in their original Battlefield franchise is obtaining its final update, which is adequately named the “Summer Update”. Trailers & Gameplay Details regarding the last update didn’t release as expected. This follows after DICE Studios announced that promotional material wouldn’t distract from the Black Lives Movement in North America, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. This movement became an international topic of discussions after Minneapolis Police took the life of George Floyd.

Announcing that promotional material isn’t being released means that Battlefield V’s final content drop won’t be received with substantial fanfare. It’ll instead be swept under the rug when Modern Warfare 2019 releases their 4th Season. This has been the conventional pacing of Battlefield, with this brand unable to match the stature of Call of Duty. It’s prompted rumours that suggest a significant overhaul of the Battlefield Franchise is being made internally at Electronic Arts. Refocusing this series for the next generation of consoles will allow DICE Studios to obtain popularity behind Battlefield again, which hasn’t genuinely been seen since 8th instalment of this franchise.

DICE’s Position on Racism

Developers at DICE Studios released a formal statement regarding the death of George Floyd. They mentioned their encouragement for all Americans to notice the racist conditions in their nation, which is prevalent not only in the States but also worldwide. DICE asked what’s possible for them to accomplish to assist the African American Community. Their remarks finalized by noting racism shouldn’t exist in the modern era, that families shouldn’t have to concern themselves with safety from law enforcement & the government. That individuals shouldn’t worry about their educational capabilities, career opportunities, or chances at housing. These are all realities that African Americans have experienced.

It should be mentioned that DICE & Electronic Arts have collectively donated $1 Million to the Equal Justice Initiative. Additional donations were also provided to the NAACP Legal Defence & Educational Fund. Funds awarded to these Non-Profits will assist African American in obtaining better lives for themselves. Readers are welcome to donate & select a charity that supports those affected by the George Floyd incident.