The Most Expensive and Rarest Game Ever

Any collector would know the term “a Holy Grail” item. That one piece which isn’t only very hard to find, but also almost always costly. That piece which you absolutely must have to complete your collection. If collecting vintage video games is your passion, then Stadium Events is definitely on your lists of desired pieces, regardless of price.

Stadium Events

If you are lucky, you might be able to lay your hands on one of these carts for a mere $2 600, but you can much instead prepare to pay anything up to $41 300, with a buyer once purchasing only the box for $10 000. The price tag is driven by the fact that this is extremely rare. The game was released in 1987, and it was one of only a couple of games available in the USA. The game was developed for an American company’s Family Fun Fitness mat. The mat was a vital part since players jumped and ran on the carpet to make the characters move.

The mat was indeed much more than a rug, but a large plastic controlling device. In 1988 Nintendo purchased the rights of both the carpet and the game and re-released it under a new name. Now it was known as the WorldClass Track Meet with a Power Pad Controller. Then Nintendo went ahead and took all the previous released copies from the shelves, and it was destroyed to avoid market confusion. Two hundred copies were already sold, and somewhere in some household, the remaining 200 copies of Stadium Events were safely tucked away. Most collectors believe today that there might only be about 20 copies of the complete game, left in the world. Therefore the hefty price tag.

The most valuable part of the game is, however, the box. Complete boxes are the hardest to find since they are mostly ending up damaged and in the garbage bin. Therefore it is no surprise that someone was willing to cough up and entire $10 000 for the box alone.

An Unexpected Profit

In 2010 a lady from North Carolina was cleaning out some junk from her house and stumbled upon some Nintendo games. She decided to sell them on eBay and much to her surprise the offers for her copy of Stadium Events kept on climbing until she traded it for $13 105. Her success caught the attention of a gentleman who had a sealed copy of the game and wanted to donate it. He decided to sell it instead on eBay, and it was purchased for $41 300. This was because finding a box which is still sealed is an extreme rarity. The most exciting part of it all is that the same game only branded under Nintendo and sold in their masses, can be purchased on eBay for a mere $5. Being a rarity indeed drives the price of an item into unprecedented heights.