The Need for More Sports Gaming Memorabilia

To become half-decent in playing any sports video game, you probably have spent a vast amount of your life in front of the screen. Games get upgraded to better and faster versions with more realistic graphics and clear sound. Your memories remain, and it would be worthwhile to have some memorabilia to show for the achievement you had on games gone by.

A Market Open for Exploration

Stocking up on collectables of your favourite sporting team is nothing strange. With these can you hold on to those glorious moment spent next to the field, the grid or the ice. The same kind of adrenaline is experienced in front of a sporting video game. You spent hours in devotion to becoming a master in the digital universe. The game delivers on the same kind of joyous moments in victory as in real life, yet, the moments often remain nothing but memories without any collectables or memorabilia to hold on to forever.

Back in the day, there were some figurines available of characters from King Hippo and Little Mac. Also, Nintendo delivered to the gaming world a line of dolls from Zelda and Mario. Then there were the trophy pieces produces by Hasbro for Punch-Out!! Still, the hero for many was Mike Tyson, he just had to be won, and yet you can’t find any Mike Tyson figurines to lay your hands on.

Increased Value

Considering how scarce these collectables from games gone by are, it is no surprise that they are priced at much higher prices as when first released. Players who mastered the games which were out long before the days of brilliant graphics and multiple platforms need something to hold on to before the memories fail. This is a market to explore. To produce roughly anything related to sports video games, you would have to be licensed to be able to deliver. Licensing can also be a tricky spot. Not all companies are keen on selling licenses to others to produce their creations in collectable format. Whether Nintendo or Mike Tyson would be willing to agree is a topic which hasn’t even been touched on. The only certainty in this matter is that players who spent their days on these games would pay up, to hold on to these moments in history. Maybe a lucrative market or perhaps an older gamer’s dream, yet a market still waiting to be cornered.

To prove this statement, let us reflect on an auction held as recently as late last year. During this magnificent moment of being surrounded by various collectables and old coins, it was a copy of Super Mario Bros which raised the eyebrows — being sold for an amount in access of $100 000. Considering that the game is pretty much useless, yet if you have the cash to spend, way not. For in the industry of collecting sports video gaming memories, you are never sure whether any of these gems will cross your path again.