The Nioh Collection Announced for PS5

Gamers purchasing the PlayStation5 have another title available for selection in the new year. Confirmations were made by the Sony Computer Company that “The Nioh Collection” is releasing for the PS5 in February 2021. This collection is being released the same month marking Nioh’s fourth anniversary. Most haven’t revelled with the announcement that a Nioh Collection is releasing for the PS5. Gamers have halted their decision on buying the PlayStation5 after learning expandable memory isn’t permitted.

That headline has dominated over the announcement of Nioh One & Two being released for the next generation. Most aren’t aware that playing the infamous ninja in 4K 120FPS is available starting February 2021. Clarification wasn’t given on what the required file size is for console-based storage, with inside sources indicating 75 to 80 Gigabytes.

The Creative Director of Team Ninja (Studio developers of Nioh) announced that the updated collection will celebrate the anniversary of their first game launching and will provide a multitude of graphical enhancements. Additional content is expected to release with the remastered iteration of Nioh, which would give dedicated fans ample reason to repurchase a PS5-compatible version. Tom Lee, the Creative Director of Team Ninja, mentioned his thanks towards all supporters that have played the Nioh franchise.

February 5th, 2021 will witness the Nioh Collection release to the PlayStation5. It’ll include the complete edition of both games in one package. Associated costs to purchasing this video game haven’t been revealed, with it likely costing $90.00 or higher. Those wanting to buy the PlayStation5 can locate the few models available in America on November 12th, with the United Kingdom following a week later on November 19th.

The Problem with PS5

Complaints have begun soaring to Sony’s Twitter feed, with gamers noting that their PlayStation5’s are corrupted via memory. It shows that Sony is aware of storage issues with the Nioh Collection, as expandable storage would have likely been permitted otherwise.