The Outlast Trails

The last several days has unveiled multiple announcements for the gaming industry. It included the Xbox Company providing details on the release date of their new console. That was quickly overshadowed by the Sony Computer Company, who gave gamers their first look at the PlayStation5. Upcoming games for the PS5 was also unveiled, with notable franchises like Horizon and Spider-Man returning.

Development firms working on title for the Personal Computer showcased their projects over the June 12th weekend. Most PC Titles displayed are being released to next-generation consoles, with the conversion process taking a prolonged period. One of the most highly anticipated & unexpected games announced at the 2020 PC Gaming Show was “Outlast Trails”.

Created by Red Barrel, Outlast Trails is connected to the two previous titles in this franchise. Taking place decades earlier than the events of Outlast One & Two, series supporters will learn critical details regarding key characters from the previous entries. Elements in Outlast Trials are altered from the original games, with Co-Op now supported with four players. Speculation indications that various multiplayer modes will be implemented, created similar situations to the “Dead by Daylight” or “Friday the 13th” franchises.

The Trailer

Red Barrel unveiled the announcement training for Outlast Trails at the 2020 PC Gaming Show, which is now available on YouTube. It shows a cold war surgeon operating on an awake patient. Creepy figures watch over the surgeon, who installs night vision goggles into the skull of his patients. You then see this player having to run through various corridors to protect themselves from looming enemies. Co-Op Characters are seen assisting with the escape, which often leads to both dying in a brutalized fashion.

The design of this trailer indicates that Red Barrel is following the mindset of “Dead by Daylight” for Outlast Trails. Subsequently, increased funds & prolonged lifespan of this game will be seen for Red Barrel. Details regarding the gameplay, release date, storyline, and availability to consoles wasn’t released. However, Red Barrel has commonly released their Outlast games first to PC. That’s because converting games over to next-generation consoles has proven challenging for most development teams.