The Sega Dreamcast

September 9th, 1999 is the day on which one of the most significant releases ever into the world of gaming, made it to the shelves of American stores. The version of the Sega Dreamcast console was an epic moment in the gaming industry, a moment which we celebrate now, 20 years later, with much appreciation and fondness.

The developers of the Dreamcast had envisioned and developed a console which had so many brilliant features that it was light years ahead of its competitors. These features are still present in many of the modern-day console developments. One of these then futuristic features was the fact that the Dreamcast had a built-in modem. Hence it was the first-ever console which delivered online connectivity.

Initially, the release into the Japanese market delivered on a 33.6k modem while the American market got a 56k modem. To truly understand the brilliance of this development, one needs to remember that this was done during a time when most people only had the option of dial-up connectivity. The console enabled players to replace the broadband connector with an Ethernet adapter, which was found in student dormitories, allowing students to play some of their favourite games online with others who also had the console.

Great Graphics Thanks to Many More Pixels

At the time of the release, console players still had to be content with much more fuzzy graphics than that which was available already on PC games. The Dreamcast changed that forever. Thanks to the Dreamcast VGA connector, players could deliver a 480p resolution to a VGA monitor or PC screen. With the help of a 3.5mm, jack audio output could be delivered to your headset or speakers. The clarity with which players could play was a revolutionary breakthrough at the time.

The Virtual Memory Unit was the Dreamcast answer to a much-needed memory card. With the VMU, players were able to take their gaming with them and continue to play at a friend’s house. It is with this feature that PlayStation managed to surpass the Dreamcast when they featured a memory card instead of this weird device which came along with the console.

At the Forefront of Experimenting

The developers of the Dreamcast were pioneers of their time. They experimented to bring new and advanced features to the world of gaming and therefore the Dreamcast might be gone, but twenty years later will still not be forgotten. The Dreamcast was indeed first to bring along the support of mouse and keyboard input. They delivered online support, and this enabled various new forms of playing. Unfortunately, the Dreamcast also fell victim to substantial scale piracy, and many of their games were often ripped and sold or uploaded onto warez sites. Twenty years later and still bringing great memories. Happy birthday, Dreamcast console. You won’t be forgotten.