Tom Holland on Uncharted Movie

Video game enthusiasts have desired new details regarding the Uncharted film for a prolonged period. After much waiting, Tom Holland has provided insight into his thoughts with the upcoming role. The Spider-Man actor has read through the updated script from Sony Pictures, expressing that it’s one of the best scenarios he’s ever witnessed and that it’ll provide an origin story for Nathan Drake.

Tom Holland spoke with reporters at International Gaming News, where he expressed that this film provides an opportunity that moves video game films don’t offer, with that being an origin story outside the PlayStation franchise. He noted that individuals that have played the Uncharted franchise won’t know anything entering the film and that the information acquired will all be new. There are some concerned with his statements though, with some Uncharted supporters wondering if the storyline will become disrupted. Tom Holland also stated: “I read the newest draft of the script on the way over here and it’s one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. It jumps off the page.”

The Avengers castmate mentioned that Mark Wahlberg will play an incredible version of Sully and that filming this origin story will be enjoyable. Those following the numerous updates with the Uncharted film know that Mark Wahlberg was initially slated to play Nathan Drake, which was when the storyline centred around an adult version of the main character.

Uncharted History

The Uncharted film has been in development since 2008, losing multiple directors over the last twelve years. Travis Knight was one of the most notable directors attached to this title, with him having to leave after scheduling issues with Tom Holland. It was Ruben Fleischer, the director of Zombieland and Venom that was taken over development responsibilities. He also left the project following creative disputes with Sony, with rumours indicating that Ruben wanted to alter significant aspects of the Uncharted storyline.

Additional directors that were connected to this film include Shawn Levy from the Stanger Things and Dan Trachtenberg from 10 Cloverfield Lane. Both left after experiencing confliction with the executives at Sony. It appears that directors not willing to follow the guidelines implemented by Sony are terminated. Release dates for this upcoming film include March 5th, 2021 for North America and March 7th for an international audience. We will keep our audience updated on when the first trailer is released and when tickets are available for purchase.