Troy Baker Explains Role in The Medium

Horror-themed video games are becoming more popular each year, with multiple new titles being released to garner jump scares from gamers. Titles being released for the next generation of consoles are already being announced, with the Bloober Team announcing “The Medium” for 2021. Their revelation confirmed that Troy Baker would voice the primary antagonist in this horror-themed game. Gamers are familiar with portrayals from Troy Baker, including Sam Drake from Uncharted Four & Joel from the Last of Us Two.

Details were provided on Troy Baker’s role in “The Medium”, revealing his character will be called “The Maw”. His character is described for malevolency that goes outside the realms of gender & enters into the cruel world of demonic demons. Troy Baker’s “The Maw” will follow around a young heroine named Marianne, who works towards disbanding herself from the wicked, sinister world of monsters that surround her.

This game sounds creepily familiar to Ubisoft’s “Little Nightmares”. That horror-themed game was centred around an institution named the Maw, and it appears that the Bloober Team is honouring that series of games. There has been a backlash against this developer for essentially copying story elements from Little Nightmares, leaving some to question if Ubisoft will issue a lawsuit.

Baker’s Motion Capture for The Medium

Troy Baker spoke about his experience behind “The Medium”, which the Uncharted & T.L.O.U. The actor mentioned is unlike anything he’s done previously. Baker explains that there was an evident fear behind this role, with other actors on set creating demonic sounds & wearing costumes to create realism for Troy. Baker mentioned that all around him were sounds of croaky, creaking, unsettling sounds of breathing. His explanations towards “The Medium” and his character of “The Maw” has none the less excited gamers, knowing that it’ll be a terrifying experience similar to the Evil Within or F.E.A.R.

“The Medium” is releasing for the Xbox Series X, and Stream PC Platform in 2021. Notable inspirations behind this game include the Silent Hill franchise, with their lead designer having previously worked on the Japanese-honed series. All performances, gameplay, and animations will be based around next-generation hardware.