Uncharted Movie Shaping Up

After years of deliberation, the Uncharted Movie is nearly entering production stages. It was just announced that Mark Wahlberg would take on the role of Victor Sullivan, with Tom Holland set to play Nathan Drake. The news of Wahlberg joining the cast has excited many, as he’s an instrumental role in the growth and mentoring of Nathan Drake. Sony’s upcoming adaptation of the video game franchise will have similar tones to Indiana Jones.

This film has had multiple setbacks since it was first revealed back in 2009. There have already been three directors for this film, indicating that Sony isn’t willing to divert from the original subject matter of Uncharted. Subsequently, the Director of Stranger Things has left the project. Shawn Levy was replaced by the director of Black Mirror, Dan Trachtenberg. He left the project in October and was then replaced by the director of Bumblebee, Travis knight. This is the best decision, as Bumblebee is a video game-esc film that is forced to stay within its subject matter.

Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland are considerably younger than Victor Sullivan and Nathan Drake in the Uncharted video games. However, the games often go back decades in the storyline to show different ages in both characters. Fans of the game anticipate that from the casting, this film will take place around the period when Nathan Drake was living at the Saint Francis Boy’s Home. This would be the period where Samuel and Nathan Drake found out that their mother was a famous explorer, one who found the most celebrated pirate treasure in history. There hasn’t been any confirmation that Samuel Drake will be a part of the Uncharted Movie Plotline.

The Games

There has been a total of five games in the Uncharted Franchise, with four of them centred around Nathan Drake and his friends. The highest-rated games in the franchise include Among Thieves and A Thief’s End. Anyone who hasn’t experienced these titles before can anticipate a third-person adventure game that takes players around the world in search of treasure. Along the way relationships are formed, enemies are revealed, and riches are found.

The Uncharted Game Franchise has been one of PlayStation’s highest-selling. It’s estimated that more than 100 million copies have been sold, with an average price of $60.00. It’s not surprising that Sony would want to create a Hollywood Franchise based around Nathan Drake. Employing Tom Holland enables the Uncharted Movies to potentially go forward for decades, with the same applying for Mark Wahlberg.