Wrestle Revolution 3D on Steam and Android

The perfect solution if you have been dreaming about testing your capabilities and improving your skills inside of the ring or backstage. Check out the world of wrestling delivered on both Steam and Android.

Based on WWE

When stepping into the world of Wrestling Revolution 3D, you will have access to various fighters in many events, each with a certain kind of setting. These might be a cage, ring or double ring. The characters wrestling on your screen are based on real WWE stars even though in the game they bear different names because the game has never licensed by MDickie, developer of this wrestling wonder. However, if you are good enough, you will most definitely spot them for who they are.

On Steam

Players have a choice between either being in the ring or play as a booker backstage. You have the freedom to create a character according to your preference, and then the fighting begins. The world of Wrestling Revolution 3D offers players nine promotions to choose from playing with more than 300 others. This creates endless possibilities and a constant change. The game also makes use of a freestyle animation system. What it boils down to is, anything is possible and could happen at any moment. The arena that you are playing in is filled with weapons to use against the other fighters in the ring with you. When the levels are all fully unlocked, you can access a more inclusive editor which allows you to save the characters which you have created and then let them fight against each other. You can even add images and music to create an extensive wrestling experience of your choice.

On Android

Still the champion heavyweight wrestling game in the mobile industry. Even though the graphics are again running far behind what is technically possible and the expected norm. The game is as jam-packed with action and fun as always. Being able to play on either side of the curtain adds to its popularity and delivers more in-depth insight into the world of professional wrestling. Playing for free is excellent, but it is also good to know that you can upgrade to more a professional experience. Whether it is a wrestling career which you are entertaining or calling the backstage shots from the chair of the booker, you won’t stop.

Just Have Fun

The game delivers simple controls and easy play, whether you are behind a PC or on the go. After several improvements, the game is still not providing the best graphics, and the fighting moves can do with some revision, but it is undoubtedly not disappointing on the level of fun it brings. This has never been better testified to than with the number of downloads that it has received over the years. Currently still outperforming other licensed WWE and UFC games by far.